Our Work

Children and teenagers in need are referred to the institution by the Infancy and Youth Courts of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (PR) and under our roof they may walk three different paths:

  1. Reintegration, that is, the children are reunited with their (extended or birth) families. This is one of the ultimate goals of Fundação Solidariedade as we believe family is the rightful place for the worthy development of a child;
  2. Youth, under foster care, may be adopted, by Brazilian and foreign families;
  3. Young adults are prepared to live on their own, through integration into the labor market and opportunities to improve their technical and academic skills.

The temporary sheltering and development services are carried out through specialized and individualized assistance. We offer a safe and carrying environment that facilitates the development of children and adolescents, mainly favoring:

✓ The child/teenager full development;
✓ Assistance to overcome trauma related to separation and abuse;
✓ Assistance to children/teenagers so that they can take their lives in their own hands and give them a new meaning;
✓ Strengthening the sense of citizenship, independence and social inclusion.

Our team of professionals, together with a protection-net apparatus have devised an Individualized Assistance Plan that focus on the unique reality of each individual, reflecting the current status, reconstructing the past and paving the path to a better future; this way, it is possible to understand the family structure, its history and the relationship among its members and set out the necessary goals, strategies and interventions.

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