2021 Results:


45 Foster Care Services

03 Family Reintegration

06 Adoption in Brazil

03 Youth Insertion in Labor Market

02 Young Individuals Coming of Age


150 Students

04 Cultural Workshops


1380 Community Students


“I left Fundação Solidariedade about 10 years ago, but I understand how important it was in my life and is for hundreds of children. When I first arrived, I was a teenager and a social mother welcomed me. I’ve studied, worked and was offered excellent opportunities that, otherwise, wouldn´t reach me if I were somewhere else. They have shaped me and made me the human being I am now. If I could express my feelings, in a single word, towards this institution, which was my home for so many years, I would say ‘gratitude’. Thank you for being so supportive, there and now!”
D.C.S. (28 years old – Former Student)

“I was only one when I arrived at Fundação Solidariedade, my actual home, where I had the opportunity to grow into the person I am now. I’ve learned about respect for my own story and to behave in the best way possible. I’ve learned about the importance of having values in life and that we can be better, trustworthy and useful even coming from a different position within society. During the 23 years I have lived in the institution, I had many opportunities, experiences, happy moments, shared dreams and thoughts. Nowadays I have my driver license, I’m an undergraduate student at the University and I have a good job. Thank you for making me who I am today, without Fundação Solidariedade my life would have been totally different. My sincere gratitude.”
V.R. (24 years old – Former Student)

“For me, Fundação Solidariedade was a watershed moment in my life. No doubt in my mind that the contact with music, singing and the violin was the first step to understand that I could have a different future, that I was offered an opportunity many children would never get. Thanks to Fundação Solidariedade I was able to plan my future, to be a better person, study, work and build my own life! Thank you ever so much for the opportunities that made me who I am.”
F.N.C. (29 years old – Former Student)

“Casa Verde has always been very inclusive for Mayara – she’s a girl with specific needs. She has taken part in many workshops and now is taking dance classes. With the Covid pandemic, Mayara was anxious because in-class practice was cancelled, but Casa Verde is giving online classes and Mayara can interact with the teacher and classmates and practice at home. I thank Casa Verde for the opportunity.”
Grauceli – Mother 

“Casa Verde is particularly important in my life and in the lives of my children.  It offers environmental knowledge and awareness. Kevin is the one that benefits the most, he loves nature walks and to learn about animals and native vegetation in the woods surrounding Casa Verde, where he attends classes, given by the biologist Thaís, on preservation, recycling and our responsibility to change the planet. Congratulations on the wonderful awareness work with children!”
Fabiana – Mother