Our Essence

Fundação Solidariedade (‘Solidarity Foundation’) was established in 1989 with the collaboration of many people who helped a dream come true.

What was the driving force for these people? To effectively contribute in order to offer the best shelter possible and a new lease of life for children and teenagers at risk, which, at that time, was already a serious social problem in our country.

To this date, the essence of our work, as a non-profitable organization, has been to provide opportunities to generate transformation and positive impact in many lives, carrying out services which allow for the global education of fostered children and adolescents.

OUR MISSION: to offer shelter, educate, provide adequate protection and guarantee of rights to children and teenagers at risk and subject to abuse (violence and children exploitation), negligence or violence from legal guardians and in social vulnerability situations such as: abandonment, abuse, with or without the destitution of parental rights as well as threatening situations and the violation of their fundamental rights.

Our work focuses on the rescuing of self-esteem and social inclusion, allowing for solid support basis for the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional development of each sheltered individual. In this way, we allow for the formation of dignified, conscious and participating citizens.

The sum of all the actions and activities carried out by Fundação Solidariedade contributes mainly and directly to the Sustainable Development Goals – ODS:

OUR VALUES: the guarantee of children and teenagers’ rights who are perceived as human beings under development and who need the care and protection of an adult to have an adequate biopsychosocial development.

OUR TEAM: made up of a manager, a social worker, a psychologist, pedagogues, a nutritionist, an environmental educator, instructors, social mothers, social educators and an administrative and support team. Our collaborators and educators are responsible for building up a new adult/child relationship, based on protection, affection and attention in order to lessen the trauma the child has experienced and to support the prospection of a happy future.

OUR GENERAL PRIVACY POLICY: Fundação Solidariedade observes all requirements of the General Personal Data Protection Regulation – LGPD. Please, take a look at our General Privacy Policy.

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