Green House (“Casa Verde”) in Cultural Reconnections, in Saint Mary’s Chapel

Green House promoted a special gathering of teachers and students, the Cultural Reconnections (“Re-Conexões Culturais”) event, held in St Mary’s Chapel, in Curitiba/PR, on December 4, 2021.

 The idea was to offer stage experimentation, after almost two years of forced closures – which kept students physically away from cultural activities, due to impact of the COVID19 pandemic.

The day was divided into two parts: a morning workshop, called ‘Drama” and organized by Theatre and Urban Dance teachers. Dance, mimic choreography, scenic game, and improvisation translated into a joyful performance.

 In the afternoon, the Solidarity String Orchestra, with teachers welcoming students with an enchanting musical surprise. Then, each teacher developed group activities and, later, students and teachers touched our hearts, playing the most beautiful musical selection ever.

It was not the first opportunity St. Mary’s Chapel held a Green House event, but this time it was the chosen stage for a new beginning.

After months of training and dedication of our entire team, it was possible to put on a dazzling show, a beautiful in-person reunion and a getting back to business after a challenging period.

 This special celebration of culture ended 2021 on a positive note, a long-waited return full of joy and happiness.